Tile Prices in the Philippines Equating Cost to

Tile Prices in the Philippines: Equating Cost to Quality

So, you have decided to install tiles in your home, the next step would be finding the right tiles for the installation. Although there are many affordable tile depots in the Philippines, prices of tiles can still pose a challenge for this home venture. It will be baffling to think if the tile selection is worth its value.

There are many patterns, colors, and features to choose from but deciding whether they are the correct type for your wall or floor installation. Tile selection and installation would require a budget, one that is sufficient enough to provide you with a beautiful and functional design.

Whether you are choosing to install it in a commercial or a residential setting, it is important to factor in tile prices. Philippine tile suppliers recognize this and good thing that they do because having a tile installation in your home will become a great long-term investment.

The array of design possibilities that tiles can provide will make the installation worthy of your overall budget in interior or exterior design. This is why tile continues to build its popularity as the go-to surface covering for floors and walls.

It also exhibits versatility in terms of staying faithful to what style you would want, be it classic or modern. Sleek designs of tiles are now available in foreign markets and in tile centers here in the Philippines. Prices of tiles are worthy of investing into because they do well in beautifying homes and commercial establishments.

This article will help you in determining if the price of the tiles you have selected is synonymous with its quality, which will provide smart solutions for your tile installations:

Things to Consider when Buying Tiles

Deciding on a floor installation requires a number of considerations that will be essential in achieving beautiful and functional installation. Having tiles as a flooring option is a great choice to begin with but choosing the right style and having the best value for its price. Tiles in the Philippines from high-quality suppliers are easy to come by if you get acquainted with the right provider.

When you are presented with the selection of tiles that will match your requirement for interior or exterior flooring, you should also be mindful of the criteria that you should follow in order to achieve the installation that you really want. Without question, quality should be the primary requirement but there are ways on how to determine its presence in a tile selection.

Here are the things you need to consider when choosing floor tiles:


  • Color  Color is one of the primary consideration in choosing floor tiles because it will have a big impact on the overall look of your floor. Oftentimes, there are design errors because of the suitability of the tile color to the rest of the room. The solution to this is the proper color scheme which will make your tile choices work. Also, consider the color of the walls and furniture.
    Color makes all the difference because this can also make the surface of the tiles stand out. Enhancing the style of the tiles can be done so with the right color choice. Grout color also comes in factor when choosing tiles. You can choose one that matches the tiles or as a contrast to it.

Choose Between Patterns or Plain

  • Choose between patterns or plain  Know your preference when it comes to the design of your floor tiles. Will you go with plain or patterned tiles? It is important to know that plain walls go well with patterned floor tiles. You should make the right choice in choosing the design style that works for your home. Go with the design that you would not be replacing in the future.
    Coordinating or contrasting the accent border of the tiles should also be considered. With this, you can add interest and sophistication to your installation. You can also choose a neutral tile design to avoid clashing with other ensembles in your home.


  • Size  This is also a very important consideration because it can affect the whole installation depending on its dimension. Choose the size of tiles based on the size of the room. Large plain tiles for a small room will give the illusion of extra space while large sized room will give you more flexibility in tile size.
  • Suitability  The tiles should be a suitable addition to your home, not a reason for it to look poorly designed. Its suitability to the area will be largely based on the design it has and the maintenance it requires. For areas with high foot traffic, choose tiles that wear well. Consider if it will be installed in a room that can be well-maintained.
    Some types of tile can be extra resistant to damage but take a lot of care and maintenance. Also consider if you would want a gloss, matte or plain finish because this will make all the difference in the design of the floor tiles.


  • Layout Always remember that each style of tile has its own set of considerations or rules before installing them. Your choice of layout will either be interesting or dull when you lay it down in your selected area.
    Take your time in selecting tiles and consider if it is worth the visit to the nearest depot in the Philippines with tile prices that are within your budget.

Durability and Features of Tiles

This deserves a separate category in this article because this will determine if you are really getting the value for the price of the tile. Philippine homes across the world will benefit a great deal from the durability of tiles. Most often than not, this consideration in buying tiles is on the back burner because the appearance is what draws the consumer to the tile selection.

With the right tile provider, you can have durability and functionality without compromising the aesthetic quality of the flooring option. The next time that you buy tiles, make sure that they possess the features written below to have the high-quality tile installation that you aim for:

  • Resistant to Moisture and Humidity 
    Tiles are a dense and durable material that can be resistant to moisture. Unfortunately, there are tiles that can be easily damaged by humidity or any extreme weather condition.Get the most out of the tile installation by making sure that it lives up to its price. Tiles in the Philippines are made to withstand scratches and heat resistant. This is because of the climate that the country is in.

    You can choose the tile that can still retain its original color and luster without much maintenance.

  • Well-Suited to Harsh Environments 
    Tiles can be adaptable to harsh environments unlike other flooring alternatives like hardwood floor or other types of flooring design. When it comes to Philippine tiles, bathroom moisture or liquid spill would not be something to worry about because you can clean it in a snap.
    These conditions would not contribute to the wear and tear of the tiles as they have the ability to withstand excessive moisture, light, and heat, because it is manufactured with high pressure and heat.
  • Hardness
    Nicks and scratches are big enemies in a floor tile installation. Choose tiles for their feature of not being easily dented when you apply a heavy pressure on it.Tiles that have a hard property will lessen you costs more because you would not need to replace it many years after installation. The right tile choice will still look like new even when it has survived weather conditions, high foot traffic, and corrosion.
  • Ease of Maintenance
    One factor of durability and a helpful feature is the tile’s ease of maintenance. After installation, it would not even need that much maintenance. Save for regular cleaning, it can go without heavy maintenance.Glass tiles have minimal maintenance while being resistant to stains, mold, and mildew at the same time. These tiles do not have pores which will make them effortless to clean.

    Ease of maintenance is an important category because it is an indicator of the durability of the tiles because this means that they are not easily worn down by external factors.

  • Budget-Efficient 
    This is also a nifty feature of this flooring option. The price of tiles in the Philippines are budget-efficient so there is less need to splurge on them.Their durable properties are also the factor that makes tiles worthy of being a part of your home. Aside from their affordable tile prices in Philippine floor centers, the environmental benefits you gain from them are also what makes them budget efficient.

    They can store thermal energy to stabilize temperature shifts which makes them great insulators for your home. This means that they are energy efficient as well. They do not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and other harmful substances which makes them antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and does not attract dust or dirt.

Getting the Right Type and Pattern for your Installation

Now that you have prior knowledge about the main features of tiles, you would need to select from an array of types and patterns available in the tile market. This would also be a great factor in the price of tiles. It depends on which design you choose so it is best to have a tile choice that you would remain faithful to.

Think about the type and pattern that you will use for installation. There are many different types to choose from:

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Mosaic
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Stones and Pebbles
  • Slate

With the different innovations in tile manufacturing technology, there will be more types of tiles to choose from but for now, these are the tile designs that you would have to choose for your installation.

You should also consider different patterns of the tiles, ask your tile provider about these patterns:

  • Straight or Stack Bond
  • Diagonal
  • Herringbone
  • Basket Weave
  • Windmill
  • Pin Wheel
  • Stretcher Bond
  • Cobblestone
  • English Bond
  • English Cross Bond\

Additional Costs When Buying Tiles

Factor in the cost of tile adhesive and grout, tools, spacers, and other accessories for your tiles. The adhesive and grout must be suitable for your tiling space.

You should also set aside a budget for mortars, adhesives, and grouts because these bind the tiles onto the installation surface. Do not decide on these factors as an afterthought. If you would know that the area will have excessive movement or foot traffic, invest in these factors in a larger portion of the budget.

There are also maintenance factors you have to think about. Invest in good cleaning materials for your tiles or a handy vacuum to get rid of unnecessary dirt that may settle on its surface. These are essential in order to keep your tiles good as new.

The cost of tiles also has the matter of paying the labor for tile installation. It would be better to have a professional to do the work for you so you wouldn’t risk making a mistake. It is also better if you purchase additional tiles more than what you plan on buying so that you can use it to replace the original installation in the event of a problem.

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