Top-Notch Porcelain Tile. Massive performance.

With the most advanced tile production techniques and equipment made to produce these slabs, they are guaranteed to deliver high performance in any type of application. Its huge format of 90x180cm in polished surface gives an overall seamless look for walls and floors, and they can be used as furniture and countertops as well. These are made of 100% porcelain material with the lowest water absorption rate and are expected to have high resistance and durability with good installation even for areas with high foot traffic.

  • Seamless installation
    Super flat glazed surfaces with rectified edges

  • Extremely durable
    Lasts a lifetime with proper installation and maintenance

  • Stylish and elegant
    Timeless and top-notch quality designs that won’t go out of style

  • Hygienic and eco-friendly
    Free from toxic substances and does not have a negative impact on the environment from manufacturing up to disposal

Wide range of NATURAL pattern to choose from.

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  • Technical specifications:
    Thickeness: 12mm
    Mohs hardness: 5d degrees
    Water absorption: 0.03%-0.06%
    Breakage Strength: 3546N

Available Designs

These 90x180cm tile slabs have limited availability here in the Philippines. Reserve yours now by filling out the order form below.


Marble-look tiles are a staple for luxurious interiors. It has the sophisticated beauty of natural marble, embedded in a highly durable and easy to maintain porcelain material. Its timeless look is one of the most sought-after designs usually used in lavish homes and high-end establishments.

White will always be present in modern and minimalist designs. They effortlessly make spaces bright and flawless with a basic, yet outstanding look. With tile slabs, white is a color you can fully embrace--thanks to its high resistance in water, stain, and chemicals. It's suitable for almost all areas.